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Health and Nutrition


All females have been subject to a routine BVD, LEPTO and IBR vaccination since the herd was founded in 2010.

We vaccinate twice a year for parasites both internal and external and all calves are given a  Clostridial vaccination such as Blackleg. The herd is part of the Welch Lamb and Beef Producers (WLBP) herd health plan and we proactively review this plan regularly with our veterinary practician, Hanna Jarman (Potters Vets, Lampeter)

In 2012 the herd was signed up to the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) Fert Bench Programme, more info can be found at


During housing, Cows and Calves are fed a high quality grass based ration of silage and some hay. Weaned calves are introduced to a 14% protein ration at 6 months of age. Females are on this ration until the day of insemination and bulls are on this ration until the day of sale.